About us


When art, thought, knowledge and emotion are combined with effort, we will have a country with beautiful, productive, intimate, and vibrant cities and spaces.

Mohamad Ali Rooni

Catch your dream

We can make your dreams come true. The building is a part of art, it is a three-dimensional sculpture. To be sure the fact your home is built with the right architectural brilliance.

Hard working

We'v designed more than 340 projects executed in various sectors such as residential ,commercial and official buildings.

Our main goal is to make progress in the arts and architecture by using new technologies to create innovative designs.

And in this way our method is a collective way of thinking and working that has been consolidated over 28 years. A focus on people, on harmony, on a gentle touch, on attention to detail, on creativity, on light. It is a code of ethics that manifests itself aesthetically in every building MEHRAAZ designs.

Our teams work on buildings from the start to the finish. It is very important for us to follow the project to the end.