A Friend’s villa
January 27, 2020
A Friend’s Villa
August 30, 2018
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Residential Commercial complex of


Tunnel Molding System

ONE of the methods used to construct buildings with a load bearing system is a concrete wall and roof. The name of the tunnel is due to the metallic form of the walls and ceilings. In the tunnel system, concrete walls and ceilings are reinforced, molded, and reinforced simultaneously. This method, while improving the speed and quality of execution, significantly improves the structural performance and seismic behavior of the structural set in terms of the integrity of their members and their connections.

About project

Bahman Residential-Commercial Complex with 2000 residential units and approximately 6000 square meters of commercial space is being constructed in 7 blocks on a 65000 square meters plot of land located northeast of Tehran, Babai Highway, Shahid Beheshti Township. The average floor in the blocks is 22 floors. On the basement floor there are parking and mechanical equipment, and on the ground floor there are lobby, gym, multipurpose hall, nursery and stores. The commercial area comprises 500 units of commercial parking in 5 floors, a hypermarket and other areas such as the Food Court playground and various commercial shops.
Arsham Company, in cooperation with Turkish builders, is the project developer and investor who has contracted with Pishgam company (as a landowner). Architect and project designer is
M. Rooni from Naghsh Afarin Mehraaz Consulting Engineers.

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