Urmia International Airport pavilion
June 1, 2020
Tehran Paris
February 24, 2020
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Architecture views are representations of the overall architecture that are meaningful to one or more stakeholders in the system. The architect chooses and develops a set of views that will enable the architecture to be communicated to, and understood by, all the stakeholders, and enable them to verify that the system will address their concerns.

Diba apartment

Diba residential apartment, located in Saadat-Abad, Tehran, was designed and implemented in 2010. The project has 6 units of 145 and 160 square meters, and 2 units of 300 square meters. The main challenge was the low width of the ground and the creation of lighting for all the spaces that were considered, which created a good relationship between the spaces.
The facade is a combination of light and dark travertine stone with bricks.

StructureConcrete reinforced
SystemsChiller, Central powerhouse, Fan coil

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